Age Appropriate Chores for Children: Teach Them How to be Responsible

Doing household chores together is a tradition that brings the family together.  Did you know that letting our kids do household chores is a way of teaching them how to be responsible and independent?

Divide and Conquer Household Chores

Household chores can be intimidating at times, especially when you have let them go for awhile. Having the entire family chip in, will help you accomplish the daunting list. For a successful "divide and conquer household chores method," it is vital that we assign age-appropriate chores to each child.

Just remember to keep in mind your child’s age, ability, and maturity when assigning chores around the house. It is also important to provide adequate supervision when your kids are doing their chores, because you have to ensure that your child is learning the correct way to do each chore and ensure their safety.

Some kids will try and get out of the chores by acting as they don't know how to do them, but as a parent, you will know when they are acting or truly don't know how to do something. Remember, most children are very capable; you just need to motivate them. In addition, just because your child is capable, it does not mean he can do all the chores on the list. You can use your judgment on how to allocate the chores.

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Toddler (Ages 2-3)

  •    Pick up/ put away toys
  •    Unload the dishwasher
  •    Dust with a feather duster
  •    Put the clothes in the laundry basket
  •    Collect dirty clothes
  •    Put clothes away

Preschooler (Ages 4-5)

  •    Any toddler chores
  •    Set table
  •    Feed your pet
  •    Wipe out bathroom sinks
  •    Match socks
  •    Fold dishtowels

Early Elementary (Ages 6-8)

  •    Any toddler and preschool chores
  •    Meal prep (wash produce, and find ingredients)
  •    Wipe bathroom sinks, counters, toilets,
  •    Sweep
  •    Vacuum
  •     Take out trash
  •    Get mail (with supervision if mailbox is by the street)
  •    Fold/hang laundry
  •    Rake leaves

Elementary (9-11)

  •    Any previous chores
  •    Take garbage/recycling to the curb
  •    Wash/ dry clothes
  •    Clean toilets
  •    Mop floors
  •    Vacuum out cars

Middle School (12-14)

  •    Any of the previous chores
  •    Clean tub/ shower
  •    Clean out fridge/ freezer
  •    Mow yard
  •    Wash car
  •    Supervise younger children’s chores

High School (15-18)

By this time your child has reached the high school age and you can expect them to have the ability to do any chore around the house. 

When your child was able to do the chore well, you can pass it on to a younger child. Always have them supervised by an older sibling or a parent. You can also encourage the children to work together to keep your home clean and organized. Don't forget, by assigning a household chore to a child, you are letting them feel that they contribute to the family. Working together can be enjoyable for everyone in the family.

Now get to cleaning everyone! 

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