Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Parents

Ready or not, here it comes!

Halloween is just around the corner and parents are already stressing over their kid's costumes. With many options to choose from, and debating whether you are going to dress up as family or individuals, preparing is quite frenzied. There is no need to be stressed, we will be giving you DIY costume ideas that are easy to make and inexpensive. Even better, it can be applied to humans and animals too.

Going the DIY route is the best way to spend some quality time with your little ones, as you give life to the unicorns and fairies that adorn the walls of your kid's bedroom. Whether it is a robot, princess, a beautiful butterfly, there is a benefit if you create a costume together. It will definitely outweigh the convenience of buying costumes off the rack.

Check out the inspiration below; gather your supplies, and let your child's imagination run wild while making these costumes.

The Circus Act

Deck the whole family in a circus-themed costume complete with the little one as a cute lion. This will surely make the neighbor chuckle, and you will earn more candy points.

Photo Credit: Woman's Day

DIY Robot Family

This is easy to make with cardboard boxes, colored papers, and paints. If you have time, you and your kids will have lots of fun creating these colorful outfits.

Photo Credit: Woman's Day

Where's Waldo

This is one of the easiest costumes to pull off when you do not have the spare time. Just take out your stripe and pompom beanie and you are good to go.

Photo Credit: Woman's Day

Homemade Lemon-Lime Costumes

The whole family can dress up in yellow and green oversized shirts with these easy to make Halloween costume ideas. Have fun in painting it with white for the rinds.

Photo Credit: Country Living

Lemonade and Ice Cream Stand Costumes

With plenty of time to spare, mom and dad will have fun making this costume. Cardboard boxes, colored papers, paint, and real cups and cones all make up an indulging Halloween costume.

Photo Credit: Country Living

Homemade Madeline Halloween Costume

Your little girl and you will have fun making this costume because you probably have everything you need in your closest.

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Father and son will have lots of fun donning these costumes. Get your boys ready to chop down trees and yell "timber" with this easy DIY costume. You can create a fuzzy beard with felt and ax out of a stick and cardboard.

Photo Credit: Country Living


This costume is so sweet and easy to make. All you need are plenty of paper supplies and creative juices to make this cute costume for the whole family.

Photo Credit: Country Living

Hot-Air Balloon

Attach helium balloons to a DIY basket made of cardboard and this cheery costume will surely hit new heights.

Photo Credit: Country Living

Family of Legos

You can create this costume for the whole family by constructing a building block and glossy spray paint. The whole family will have lots of fun donning the costume in different colors.

Photo Credit: Country Living

These cute, easy and creative Halloween DIY costumes will keep you in line with your budget while looking festive while trick or treating.

Have fun making memories with you and your family!

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