Experience An Affair of the Heart

      Every weekend we try and think of things to do as a family. Sometimes it’s as simple as renting a Red Box movie, going to the drive-in, or swimming. This weekend An Affair of the Heart came to Tulsa.

       We looked it up online and found out that kids were free and adults were just $10 (which gave you access all weekend long). Pretty cheap for weekend entertainment for the family! After looking online, we were so impressed with the vendor list and we knew we couldn’t miss it.

         Friday afternoon, Adam and Barrett picked me up from work and we went down to River Spirit Expo. We drove up to the venue and were quite impressed with how full the parking lots were on the first afternoon of the vendor show. We eventually found a parking spot and got right in. After getting our hands stamped, which granted us access all weekend long, we grabbed a program. There were approximately 500 vendors from across the nation and were very impressed with the vendor lineup. Where else can you shop unique vendors from kids’ items, food, lighting, benches, and much more all under one roof? The list was endless!

          After looking around, we could tell we might have been one of the few that hasn’t experienced An Affair of the Heart before. There were groups of people with their personal shopping cart, ready to purchase their unique finds. We started on one end of the Expo and went down each aisle. There were vendors selling unique cowhide weekender bags, summer dresses for women, bathing suits for women, casserole mixes, and so much more! We spent the rest of the afternoon looking around, getting a game plan, and decided to come back on Saturday.


          Saturday afternoon was a bit rainy in Tulsa which probably affected the turnout a bit, but there were still quite a few people there. We looked around a few hours, let Barrett play with some of the kid items including a Minecraft sword toy that was in one of the booths. It was fun looking at how the unique vendors chose to display their products. You can tell people go all out for these vendor shows. It was pretty fun interacting with the different vendors from across the United States.

Word of advice, if going to An Affair of the Heart, you might want to budget as you could really buy anything you want there!

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