How Parents Can Prepare their Kids to go back to School

As summer comes to an end, as with many parents, we are now thinking about how to prepare our son to go back to school. If the end of summer does not warn you enough, perhaps the back to school sales is enough to pull you out of summer mode and into back to school preparation. 

Back to school time is always a shift, not only for children, but for parents as well. While children are excited to see their friends, parents, on the other hand, are worried about not being prepared enough. To help you prepare for the coming school year, what you need is a little organization and planning.

Here are some tips to kick-start your back to school preparation. 

Get ahead of the game 

Staying ahead can help a lot to be prepared and organized. Start by looking out for school supplies like notebooks, pen, pencils, etc. Now is the perfect time to buy! Every store, whether online or at the mall, is cleaning out their inventories in preparation for the upcoming year. Buy now and stock up on your supplies. 

You should also find time to get clothes and grab good deals for out-of-season things. You can use your Amazon Prime membership, where there are plenty of deals, or the Walmart gift card, that you've been keeping to use for a rainy day, for back to school shopping. 

Re-establish your routines

Going back to school is often a major shift in your schedule. Try to ease into the new back to school routine earlier. We like to start this process a week or two before the first day of school. You and your child can go back to the rhythm by practicing the daily school routine. Try setting your alarm at the time you would when you have to wake your kids up for school, or eat lunch around their lunchtime during the school day. These few things will help your child get back to the new routine quicker.

Prepare for the unexpected  

This is for the working parents because you don't want to scramble for a sitter in case your child gets sick. Have a list of sitters to call in case the school nurse calls you. Be sure to have an "in case of emergency" call list established. 

Get your child's yearly check-up

School and viruses always go hand and hand, so it is important to have your child's yearly check-up before starting school. Get the required vaccines and ask your pediatrician how your kids can stay healthy throughout the school year. 

Get organized

This is the best way to prepare for the new school year. You need to establish a homework station, where your kids can do their assignments while you are cooking in the kitchen, in case they want your help. Designate an area for school paperwork to eliminate clutter that makes your life stressful. 

Through preparation and organization, you and your child can have a smooth transition to start a new school year right. Best wishes for a wonderful school year for your and your child!

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