Important Tips For Keeping Your Baby Safe

Did you know, that September is Baby Safety Awareness month? Your baby's safety should always be top priority. It is your responsibility to keep them away from harm by creating a secure and safe environment. Here are some safety tips that can help you keep your baby away from harm's way.

Securing the Nursery


Mobiles are very common in nurseries and are used to soothe your baby as they are trying to sleep. As you know, most mobiles come with hanging decorations. Be sure and make sure the hanging decorations are shorter than seven inches. Once your baby can sit up, you should remove them altogether.

Changing Table

Based on a report in Pediatrics, more than thirty percent of injuries are caused by falling from changing tables. Safety nets and mechanisms comes with many changing tables, and you should use these devices to help prevent accidents. As always, please be sure and never leave your baby unattended while on the changing table. 


Check your baby's crib. If the sides go down or a can of soda can fit between the slats, they are not safe for your baby.  Stuffed animals, crib bumpers and other accessories might make the nursery cute, but they aren't safe for your child. These are potential hazards. The only thing that you need for your baby is a tight-fitting crib sheet and a firm mattress.

Safety in the Bathroom

Bath time is a fun time for you and your baby. Although splashing in the tub is a fun activity, they should never be in the bathroom without you. Always keep the bathroom door shut so they don't wander in there without you. Did you know that tots could drown even in just an inch of water?

When giving your child a bath, cushioned guards and skid resistance mats are important to prevent falls. The water heater should also be adjusted to 120 degrees to prevent burns. Another thing often missed is the toilet, keep the toilet lid closed at all times. If you're concerned your child can lift the lid, use a childproof latch. A curious toddler can fall headfirst into the toilet and drown.

Grooming Products and Medications

Baby oils, lotions, and soaps can be toxic for your child when ingested. Always keep them out of their reach. Items that may cut or burn your kids, like your razor and curling iron, should be kept inside the cabinet with a childproof latch. Medications should be stored in a high cabinet with a childproof lock.  Although most medications have childproof packaging, their little fingers can still pry them open.

Safeguard the Kitchen

When your kids are crawling, they can wander into the kitchen. The safest way to ensure your child's safety is to use a child gate. You should avoid handling hot foods, pots, and beverages when your kid is nearby, this may cause scalding. 

  • Prevent hot food and liquid spills by using back burners and keep the pot handles away from the edges. 
  • Keep the dishwasher baby-proof by using industrial-strength Velcro to secure the door, and use the dishwasher lock. 
  • Keep sharp objects like knives and scissors out of your baby's reach. Keep all the low drawers and cabinets locked.
  • Keep the cleaning supplies in a cabinet and have a child-resistant packaging.

Other Big Concerns 

  • Install guards or stops that prevent windows from opening more than 3 1/2 inches. Your window treatments can also be hazardous. Cordless ones are always recommended! 
  • Install security gates top and bottom of your stairs. 
  • Secure the TV and furniture using wall braces and brackets, which will secure unstable or top-heavy furniture to the wall. 

Remember, accidents are the leading cause of death among babies. As parents, we need to create a safe environment for them. Always take time and re-evaluate your home to ensure it is the safest it can be!

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