Kid’s Birthday Parties!

Children’s birthdays are such a wonderful time to celebrate their life and their year of accomplishments. Some people may dread the time when their child is old enough for parties. There are so many things to think about when it comes to your child’s birthday party, such as: friend party or family gathering. Do you invite the entire grade, or where do you host the party, and so much more. 

We just celebrated our son’s 7th birthday! Ever since he was born, we decided, as a family, to have a friend party every other year. My parents started that tradition for me and my siblings; and Adam and I decided to continue that tradition with Barrett. Obviously, we started this after his first birthday party, because as everyone knows, that is the one to go all out. You know, because at the age of 1, kids remember everything! Okay, so maybe that was more for us, but some things you just do because you love them and you want to make memories! 


This year was Barrett’s family party. We actually ended up having a week full of celebration. My sister-in-law and her family came up from Texas. It was a total surprise to Barrett. He had no idea they were coming down, and was quite speechless when he opened the door for them. We had the whole weekend planned, including a surprise party at Flying Tee where my parents, sister and her boyfriend arrived early to wait in the suite. My sister-in-law, her family, and Adam brought Barrett to Flying Tee. Barrett was totally surprised to see a cake, food, presents, and family waiting for him! We highly recommend this venue for any age. Flying Tee was very accommodating and the service was excellent! It was a great time - playing golf, being with family, and spoiling our son!



The following weekend was Barrett's actual birthday. We had a day full of family-fun planned including a surprise birthday breakfast, Main Event fun, lunch at Osaka Japanese Steakhouse, followed by cake/ice cream, and presents. That morning, I picked up some “Happy Birthday Barrett” donuts from Ken’s Daylight Donuts in Glenpool. My mom had already decorated her house, including a yard sign from Card my Yard in Tulsa. Her house was decked out in our Nerf theme decorations. Adam took Barrett to the airport that morning and then drove to my parents’ house where the family was waiting to surprise him. He loved the sign and the donuts! We let him open a couple presents while we were waiting to go to Main Event. Once we got to Main event, we enjoyed a family friendly competition of guys versus girls on laser tag, bowling, and arcade games. Again, this is another venue we highly recommend. It’s great for all ages and everything is under one roof.  It is family tradition that the person who is celebrating their birthday gets to pick where we eat. This year, Barrett wanted the place where they cook the food in front of you – also known as a Japanese Steakhouse. We chose Osaka and it was delicious! We ended the day with some scrumptious cake from Reasor’s, a local grocery store in the Tulsa area.


If you’re planning a birthday party, I highly recommend choosing a theme first. Based on the theme, you can look for some decorations, choose your cake, and purchase party supplies. I often use Etsy, Amazon, or Party City when buying party supplies. The most important thing to remember when planning your kids' birthday party is to have fun and make memories!

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