Online Shopping...Is it the New Way to Shop?

I personally believe online shopping is the way to go. We always have access to technology whether on our phones, laptops, or desktops. There are a multitude of online shopping avenues…Amazon, Walmart, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Etsy, and so many more. Nowadays, basically any brick and mortar store has an online option as well. It’s convenient, fast, and easy! I do all our birthday, Christmas, and grocery shopping online. It’s perfect for busy people! Literally you can buy anything online from toilet paper, amazon gift cards, amazon fire tv, home décor, computers, clothes, party decorations, and more! It is like an endless store right at your fingertips. All you have to do is add everything in your shopping cart, checkout, enter your credit card information, and poof your shopping list is complete!


Now here is where it gets tricky, those stores you see pop up on your Facebook feed. Places that you may not have heard of but the outfits are just so cute and unique that you can’t pass up! Let’s just say that happened to me recently. I was doing my usual Facebook perusing, catching up on the daily happenings, and the cutest women’s romper popped up. I had been seeing them pop up for several weeks now, but was able to ignore them. Not this time, the Facebook ad caught my eye so I clicked on it. Looked at the reviews, it was reasonably priced, I believe $30, and could be worn at work with some navy heels. Let’s just say I was pretty excited about this outfit. The reviews were pretty good, there was a couple of negative ones, but I quickly ignored them as the outfit was too cute. I looked at some of their other outfits for women, they had several jumpsuits, shirts, etc. But I wanted to try this one item before I went crazy. Of course, I ended up buying the romper. I received my confirmation email the next day, but never received a shipping email. A week or so passed by and then I received my shipping confirmation.

I think I finally ended up getting the outfit 3-4 weeks after purchasing it. It came in a bag that looked pretty beat up. I opened the outer bag and the outfit was wadded up inside. I knew it came a long way so I wasn’t too concerned about it at that time. I know with shipping anything, you can’t always guarantee that the outer box/wrapping will stay in tack. I unfolded it and noticed that the quality wasn’t up to my standards. It felt like a cheaper, harsher cotton and some of the stitching was coming apart. I let it go as I knew I didn’t pay too much for it. I still tried it on and the fitting just wasn’t right. Unfortunately that outfit didn’t end up working out for me. 

With anything, do your research before shopping online at a place you haven’t heard of before. Check the reviews on their site, but also do a google search on the company and check those reviews. With a computer, phone, and internet, you can pretty much research anything you want to.


Earlier I mentioned: Amazon, EBay, Etsy, and Walmart, these are all great places for online shopping. They list their reviews on each product, include several pictures, and product information. There isn’t a month that goes by that we don’t use one of these online stores. Convenience is key for us when shopping! I honestly don’t know when the last time was that we went in a brick and mortar store for a full shopping experience.  We always say, let your fingers do the work for you!

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