Our Hope for The Future Looks a Little Brighter Today!

I woke up this Saturday, and like most mornings, did a quick run through of the daily news. Quickly, I ran across a news article that gave me some hope for the future.  Most days, it seems that the only articles online and TV are negative, but this was a definite glimmer of hope! The article was on Good Morning America.  It showed three kids who found someone’s wallet that had fallen out of their pocket in the driveway. The kids were standing at the front door, and the oldest was announcing to the automatic recording that that they found the wallet, and were putting it by the door for the owner to retrieve.

This is a really amazing story in itself, but the even better part, is the fact that the wallet had $700 inside! I don’t know how many kids (or even adults) would have done this, but it goes to show that there are so many good people and acts of kindness that go unnoticed. This is one of the many great parts of social media! Not trying to bash the news stations, but they typically don’t have time to report about many positives that take place. Social media does an amazing job with this.

It was great to run across this story, because as parents, you try and teach your children to do the right thing, which may be difficult, at times.  This story deserves a high five, and teaches us to keep doing what’s right, because it does pay off! I encourage everyone to click the link above to watch the recording. Great job kids (and their parents), you have made us proud! Have a great day everyone!

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