Six back to school must-have for your kids

Vacation is over, and the new school year is about to start soon! Before you start your school shopping, you should make a list of school supplies that are required by school and/or wanted by your child. This might be a tedious task for some, especially if you have multiple children, but organization is key to having a wonderful year. Below are the five back to school must haves for your kids. 

Art Supplies

We all know that learning is not complete without dabbling into arts.  Imagination and creativity is a wonderful part of school. Crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue, and erasers are definitely must-have supplies.

Writing Supplies

For most of your child’s writing tasks, you will need to purchase notebooks, pencil, ball point pen, eraser and a pencil sharpener to get them ready for school.


Keep your child's supplies organized in one place. Provide him or her a practical, comfortable and easy to carry school backpack for all their supplies to fit in.


Make sure that your child is eating healthy and nutritious food. Preparing meals and snacks at home ensures that your child is eating well at school. An insulated, reusable plastic lunchbox is ideal for storing lunches and snacks.

Hygiene Kit

To prevent the spread of illnesses, your child should bring their own hygiene kit to school. The hygiene kit should contain tissues, hand sanitizer, alcohol-free wipes, and clothes.

Blanket for Napping Time

For the little ones, provide your child a small portable soft blanket for him to use it whenever he wants to take a nap during brain break time.

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