Sweet Summertime

It’s about to be our son’s birthday which means summertime is about to end and school is about to begin.  Summer is probably one of our family’s favorite seasons. As a family, we try and do different activities during the summer than we typically do during the school year. Summer is a time for making memories, spending time with family, and relaxing!


This year was the first summer Barrett was able to attend soccer and football camp at his school. He enjoyed them both and is now hungry to start playing them during the seasons. As discussed in our blog, “The Best Age for Kids to Start Sports,” https://texastulsaconnection.com/blogs/connected/the-best-age-for-kids-to-start-sports, this is the perfect age for him to experiment with different sports to see which ones he enjoys the most. The camps were more about the fundamentals, getting the kids used to being on the field and outside in the heat, than actual techniques. Don’t worry, we haven’t decided yet when the best age for him to start football is – we just know it’s not now! 


During the summer, Barrett gets to hang out at my parents’ house while Adam and I are working during the day. My mom takes him on a learning outing every so often. These trips have included the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, Tulsa Library, and fishing. This is the second year that she enrolled him in the reading program at the Tulsa Library, http://guides.tulsalibrary.org/csrp2018. It is a really neat program where the kids keep a reading journal. There are prizes and medals given to the participants after they read a certain amount of books and visit the library four times. It’s really great to keep kids excited about reading, even during the summer! I remember my mom taking me to the library as a kid and really enjoying it. It’s neat to now see that with our son!

Every summer we look forward to a family vacation. In June, we took our family vacation to San Diego, as I explained in a previous blog. I highly recommend going to different places with lots of fun things to do! If you’re thinking about doing a family vacation to San Diego, be sure and check out what we did… https://texastulsaconnection.com/blogs/connected/on-vacay-summer-2018-san-diego-family-vacation. Vacations can be expensive, but if you plan ahead and budget wisely you can save up for that family getaway! Heck, even a staycation is great! Just research places in your area that you don’t normally visit. Like here in Tulsa, you could easily spend time at the Tulsa Zoo, visit a museum, hike at Turkey Mountain, go to the drive-in, and soon visit the state of the art Gathering Place!


It wouldn’t be a summer if we didn’t swim at my parents’ swimming pool! There is just something about laying on a float, cold beverage in hand, and listening to Barrett perfect his cannon balls! There have been many naps on my parents’ lounge chair this summer. Don’t fret, our favorite Sun Bum sunscreen is always on us and at least one adult is awake! 

Every summer needs a good cookout. Last weekend we had some friends over for some burgers and hot dogs. They have two little kids so we brought out the sprinklers, kiddie pool, and water balloons to let the boys run around the backyard. If your kids are into water balloons, you must try Bunch O Balloons.  It is really the easiest water balloon kit ever. You can fill up 30 balloons at a time. I remember when I was a kid having to do one balloon at a time with the faucet, not anymore! Our friends brought over their ice cream maker and we enjoyed some homemade vanilla ice cream. A perfect way to end a good cookout!

 As we wrap up our summer, we look back and reflect on all the memories we made. I can’t say this enough, family is everything, take time out of your busy schedule and enjoy spending time with them. As we are learning, kids grow up too fast! Hit the pause button, put down your cell phone, and live in the moment!!


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