Tips on How to Raise an Independent Child

We, as parents, feel good when our child needs us. We feel valued when they turn to us for guidance, affection, and care. Those are all good things, but somehow we have to let go of their hands and teach them to be independent.

We have to continue to remind ourselves that our main objective in parenting is to guide our kids from being dependent to independent thinkers and doers. This is our long-term parenting goal that cannot be done overnight.

If you want to raise an independent child, capable of making their own decisions, you should give them the freedom to do so. The important key to raising an independent child is to keep a balance. Although, this is hard for us parents, you need to be patient, but not too indulgent either. 

Here are the ways that we can help our kids embrace independence.

Encourage Effort

Do not teach your child to be perfect, there is no such thing as perfection. It will only cause a lot of anxiety for your child. They will be only locked in the fear of failure. Instead, focus on the effort. You can encourage your kids to try new things, be creative without pressure, and go out of their comfort zone. 

Family Contributions

Every member of the family should play a role in running the household. By doing chores like picking up their toys, it teaches your child that they are a part of a team that needs them. By doing so, it builds their confidence, and it will encourage them to play a more active role in the family.

Promote Problem Solving

Always try and refrain from jumping in and fixing their situation. You should give your children the opportunity to resolve their situation on their own. If you need to jump in, guide them through the decision making process by asking certain questions. 

Take Time for Training

Every week, you should find ways to have your child learn something new in a fun and engaging way. As your child learns new tasks and skills, they will feel more confident and eager to learn new things. 

Turn Over Reins

We are faced with hundreds of choices every day. The kind of coffee, caffeinated or a decaf, with sugar or without sugar? If we allow our children to make their choices even in small ways, it gives them a sense of control over their lives. This activity leads to independent thinking. It will also teach them how to take ownership of their decisions.

A Structure is a Safety Net

By providing daily structured routines, it gives your kid the freedom to try new things in a controlled environment. It will also help them to have a perfect balance and peace of mind for you.

For us parents, the thought of raising our kids to be independent thinkers and take a proactive role in their lives seems scary at first. By teaching them to do things for themselves, makes a more independent and self-assured adult later in life.

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