Little B's Travel Tray and Car Seat Pillow is a must for any family trip

How many times have you been on a long trip to grandma's house with your little one and the drive seems like it is 10 hours longer than it truly is because your child is bored and tired.  Me!!  It was happening quite often with us and caused us to dread taking him anywhere.  My husband tried to add little things to the car seat to hold his sippy cup and snacks and that always feel apart halfway thru the trip.  We tried using plastic trays on his lap so he could occupy some his time drawing pictures for grandma.   Unfortunately the colors always rolled off the edge of the tray and we were having to crawl in the backseat looking for his favorite crayon that he just couldn't live without.  We were so frustrated and therefore decided to come up with the perfect travel tray.  Little B's Travel Tray is amazing!  It has a washable cover in case of accidental spills.  It features a sippy cup holder that is 3' wide in diameter and the perfect size to hold the cup securely.  It features sturdy 1.5" edges to hold crayons, Barbies, or toy soldiers from falling off the sides.  The tray also has removable mesh pockets on each side that can hold their favorite books, snack packs and frogs (lol) just kidding!  The mesh pockets zip shut and are also removable from the tray.  The tray has a large zippered compartment to hold coloring books, tablets or even small toys.  It also includes a removable, adjustable carrying strap which makes it easy for your child to carry over their shoulder.  As an added bonus it comes with a Car Seat Pillow.  The pillow can be easily used on or off the shoulder strap of the seat belt.  This tray and pillow have been a lifesaver for us on long trips and keeps our son happy for hours. 


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